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tasting bunnies :O

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look at this adorable kitten!!

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The nutjob movie

Seen this movie .. and It makes me wonder.. how many problems did it had during production?

The movie was allright until the last part of the movie (last /4 of the movie).. then the movie WENT TO UTTER TOTAL SHIT.

Its like they changed writer, director, dialog editor.. everything after the plot twist!

  1. Jokes did not make sense.
  2. Scenes were cut or were shorted or too long.
  3. Animation went to shit in certain parts. (poses, facial expressions, characters..etc..)
  4. Story stopped making sense.
  5. Action movements and a lot of scenes made NO SENSE.
  6. Action scenes and other normal scenes were like cut and pasted in places they didnt belong.
  7. Out of nowhere.. Gangnam style!

It makes me wonder if they suddenly hit money problems and they had to scrap whatever they had left… Also the gangnam style only makes sense until you see the credits as 95% of all the movie seemed to be produced and animated in South Korea.

Also,As for the story: seriously, the rat buddy really loved Surley like a brother. But Surley was an ass to him. Even in the finale.

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Finished the Nick TMNT’s in Intergalactic Wrestling Fed’ outfits image that’s been in limbo since forever.
Also above that is a WIP of Jewel Man and his targetmaster BlingBling(who triple changes from bot, to Met, to arm cannon/chest jewel); Jewel Man’s design is pretty much an altered TF Prime Knockout.
This image is for prnnography's Jewel Man Collab.

Stream is still going!
Moving on to other things.

this is awesome!!

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I was cleaning my files when I found these! So many memories <3 They’re at least a year old.

reblogging due of bunnymund!

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sweet heavens! I couldnt stop laughing for like 30 minutes.. my body hurts.. and its 4:00 am in the morning XD

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wow really good!

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current &#8220;free to play&#8221; games.

current “free to play” games.


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